I shall forever be adrift in this sea of ambiguity lest a new man arise and I cease to be.

Come and correct my course, O Lord of destinies, for I pitch and yaw endlessly.

Fix my attitude on yonder Morning Star that it may arise within me.

Lift me ever heavenly till the tear-soaked clod of earth dim beneath my feet.

And my newfound joy within my soul shall leap.

Where memory shall no longer be my own worst enemy.

Thoughts of yon grave dissipate as visions of Paradise surround me

Gone forever the blows of foes and friends embrace

Snarled looks and smiling faces forgotten without a trace.

Home at last among the stars and music of the spheres.

All eternity shall not retrieve the tears.

Arise O Son, Arise in me.

Arise in power and liberty.


Omar J. Calleja