This is a poem  that my mother-in-law wrote about one of Key West more notetable character.  Orlando Esquinaldo




(black lady, parade marshal, Key West, FL)   Circa 1930's



Oh, see her strutting down the street

The funny lady in the hat!

Her sparkling dress is red and blue

She wears a toothless smile, she's fat

The funny lady in the hat!

She looks at them, she's waving back

Her heart is heavy, ridiculed

They're having fun, what can she do?

Pretend she's happy, balmy, too.

Join the funny time charade

Here come the clowns in the parade

Her multi-colored bag swings out

The people laugh, the people shout

Her step is firm, her stance is bold,

Doesn't matter if she's old,

She knows she's loved,

She loves them back,

The funny lady in the hat.


by: Maggie Weech