I Dare not drift beyond the shores of this isle of mine

Where the fronds of palms are lifted by His unseen hands

In winds that cannot bend the torsos of such lovely ladies

Though their tops are blown in unison like tossed hair so sensuously.


Indeed my island in the sun where born and bred returning again and again.

The sea kiss the shore sands and the sky’s eyelid rests softly and eternally upon it.

Inhale the breeze so fresh and clean, recall the many places where heart’s desires ran to return.


Ah ‘Key West the best’ ‘town that I love in the whole U.S and A’.

Many are they who have strayed here and stayed here now bound to her many charms.

Humanity’s Tide here to drift some to sink some to lift all to and fro some to help some to harm.

And I? To observe and remember. Not yet knowing as I ought but here I am and here I’ll Stay.


Omar J.Calleja