I came to a fork in the road

and I almost died laughing.

I just got up and ambled on down that road

Left or right? Who knows, go ask a toad

he’ll play leap frog with you.

That road would have no black or white

Just day and night following each other lockstep, up-tight

Tried to look back once or twice

thought I saw some rice and a dried up corsage

being gnawed on by a family of mice

Saw some kids ducking back in the woods

Half-naked one of ‘em stood looking at me

She thought I still had the goods, left them there with her.

Heard what sounded like music bidding me to come

Get off the road altogether and be a bum.

So I put on some ragged clothes instead

went on my way listening to the voices in my head. 


Omar J. Calleja