Our Grand Daughter Bailey had to write a poem about her favorite place for her class. She attends Westwood Elementary here in West Jefferson ,

NC. Shes in 6 grade. This is what she wrote:  

George & Edna Santana


My Special Place

I see my family and friends there in my faint memories.
I remember how extremely breath taking the sea is there.
I remember the sun setting over the crystal blue ocean.
You can feel the salty sea breezes rush over you, causing you to feel extremely sticky.
I can still hear the rushing of the waves
and the loud crashing sound I used to hear when the waves would hit the shore.
The loud clicks of tourists taking pictures
to take back home to show their family and friends.
I can feel the satisfaction my body is feeling
extremely enjoying every intense wave watching moment.
I taste the yummy key lime pie my grandma used to make.
I think about the wonderful atmosphere I am in presence of
and think to my self "this has to be my special place.

                                                     Bailey Santana Little