Chicken Fricassee or Pork Fricassee
Fri Jul 18, 2008 05:19

Bubba, here's my Mom(Mamita's)that I changed to fit my taste.
1-package of cut up chicken or Country ribs without bones
1-can 8oz. tomato sauce
1-can chicken broth
1-can of beer (Bud)
1-onion diced
1/2 sweet green-1/2 red pepper
1-chorizo sliced
2-tbs. cooking oil or olive oil
8-10 olives;2tbs.capers;2 small boxes of raisins
1 tbs.oregano;1 bay leaf;2tsp comino;1 pgk of Goya Sazon
3-4 potatoes peeled and cut up 3-4" chunks
Saute chicken pieces in oil until lightly browned
Take chicken out and saute onion,peppers and chorizo in juices.
Put chicken back in and add tomatoe sauce ,broth,beer,capers,olives,raisins and the pgk of Sazon.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Cook chicken until tender and then add potatoes
cook on med-low for approx.30 minutes or until potatoes are done.