Submitted by: Diane Arevalo

Garbanzo Bean Soup as we referred to  as PO-TA-HEH was made with garbanzo beans ( I use white beans instead-much softer).

4 cans northern beans or garbanzo beans (chick peas)
1/2 head cabbage
chorizo (sliced  in 1/2 inch rounds)
1 large diced onion
1 large bay leaf
1 cups cut up calabaza (firm squash)
1 cup cut up potatoe
salt/pepper to taste
2 tbs. minced garlic
2-3 tsp. Bijol
(If chorizo isn't available, use ham)
Brown chorizo and add onions bay leaf, garlic. Add  a little olive oil if needed for the saute-ing.
Add potatoes, calabaza, water to reach about 2 inches above ingredients in pot. Add bijol, salt/pepper. Bring to a boil, Cover and reduce to low heat and cook until potatoes are done. Add cabbage and continue cooking until cabbage is done.
I like mine served over rice and I would add a couple of dashes of vinegar on my po-ta-heh with plantains on the side.