Submitted by; Connie Fahey

Plantain soup is really delicious.  Here you go.  My grandmother never gave exact amounts so you have to play it by ear.

green pepper
whole tomatoes (canned)
medium to green plantains (more on the green side)

Boil all ingredients but the plantains.  We usually used a hambone during this stage (along with chunks of ham).  Then we removed the bone before we put in the plaintains.
Cut the plantains into short thick slices.  Fry the plantains on both sides until soft enough to smash.  Using the skin of the plantains mash them to totones size and put in the soup.  Continue boiling until soup thickens up.  ******Dip the plaintain slices (before you fry) in vinegar to keep them from turning black.
Add bijol for color if desired.

This soup is really delicious.  My grandmother, Consuelo Gomez, made this often.