Bubba's Favorite Potaje


5 Tbls Olive Oil 4 Large cloves garlic
1 lb White Northern Beans 1 lb Spanish or Yellow Onion
1 Large green bell pepper 2 Packets of goya seasoning with Bijol
3 Large Potatoes 1 small head cabbage
2 chorizos Salt & pepper to taste
1/2 lb Ham chunks or left over ham bone with meat on it.

1 Yellow Butter Squash or Large Piece of Pumkin

1) Clean Beans, drain - Put beans in pot about 2-3 inches of water covering beans.  (New school - skips step 1 & 2 and use can beans)

2) Bring Beans to a boil, then cook on Med-Hi till tender or soft enough to pinch bean between fingers and bean feels soft.

3) Cut up cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes in about 1 inch squares or so.   Add to beans still cooking.  Cook on Med, keeping enough water so it

doesn't dry out and enough to still boil.

4) Dice green peppers, onions & garlic for sofrito

5) Slice Chorizo in rings and cut ham into small bite size pieces.

6) Take a frying pan and add Olive oil.   Add sofrito and sliced meat to oil and saute.

7) Add Goya Season to pot and then all of the saute to the pot.

8) Cook all together until potatoes and all veggies are soft.

9) Salt and pepper to taste

10) Pour over white rice.

Note:  If using ham bone, add the bone when boiling the beans at start.   Then remove the bone when beans are soft and make sure that all the meat

has fallen off the bone.